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Our Patients' Success Stories

Thank you for the excellent care.

Dear Dr. Ghobriel,

I am writing you this note on behalf of my mother, Valchiria, myself and my wife, to thank you for the excellent care you have taken of her.

When she first came to you, she could hardly walk, had terrible pain in her back and legs, and frankly, she was ready to give up.  Thanks to your treatments, the pain in her right leg has virtually ceased, and the one in her left leg has substantially decreased, despite the significant damage that her bones have on that side.  She still has some pinpoint pain in the sacroiliac areas, but that is nothing compared to what she had in the past.

Of course we hope that the treatment will last her a long time, but whether that turns out to be true or not, the progress she has made thanks to you has been great in any case, and we are thankful for any length of time that she can remain relatively pain free.

We look forward to your continued care of her, and again on behalf of the three of us, we thank you.

Very truly yours,
Robert C. and Janet S.

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