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I have trusted her with my life!

I met Dr. Ghobriel a little over a year ago when I hurt my back out of nowhere. I tried contacting many doctors to see me. I tried everywhere from Staten Island to NJ and everyone was booked or could not see me for two weeks or more. I was in so much pain that every time I called a doctor I just cried. It was so awful.

Then I called Dr. Ghobriel’s office. Her assistant Tania (which by the way, is the best and sweetest assistant you will ever have to deal with) requested that I fax over my consult reports, x-ray’s and MRI reports and they would get back to me. I never thought they would. I just cried with such pain. Within an hour Dr. Ghobriel’s office called me back and asked if I could come to the office early the following morning prior to her office hours. I was shocked to hear a doctor wanted to see a patient 3+ hours before her normal office hours not to mention I had never met her before.  I was so surprised and said yes.
This was over a year ago and I have to be honest, she is the most AMAZING doctor I have ever met, and I have seen many. She is so kind, caring, supportive and excellent in what she does. Oh and she has the BEST bedside manner. She will not rush you out of her office just because another patient is waiting. I would not recommend any other doctor! She is more than a doctor she is like a friend to me.
During my journey with her over the past year with spinal injections,  she had told me over and over that I needed spinal surgery. I was scared to death about spinal surgery but I trusted her with my life. So when I met with a number of neurosurgeons they said everything that Dr. Ghobriel had said to me. Dr. Ghobriel is so smart in her field and really knows what she is talking about.
If anyone has any kind of back or neck problems I recommend her 150%. I can not say enough about her or even her staff.   Her whole staff, including her team of doctors, nurses and assistants in the hospital are amazing not to mention so much fun. They make you feel so comfortable that you hate to leave. As I said before, “I can not say enough about her”, she truly is a dedicated doctor and I have trusted her with my life! I can almost guarantee that you will feel the same.
Laura H.

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